Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Storm 12.8: Snow Will Fall for Thursday

More weather services are now on board for snow Wednesday night, and it looks like we'll be shoveling on Thursday. Break out the holiday music!

The low is going to go up the coast but stay just enough away from us to pull in the cold north air. When the changeover from rain to snow occurs is anybody's guess--we're still 36 hours away from the onset of the precipitation.

As you can see from this lovely map from the Weather Channel, the timing is absolutely delightful and will jack up the percentages for the delay or full day off.

For our prediction, we have to factor in that meteorologists can get a little ahead of themselves with these storms in the early part of the season. Right now we're definitely still feeling luke warm about the storm but that can change if the moisture prediction increases (which some models are indicating is likely).

Factors against the storm: 1) warm air; 2) it's a fast-mover.
Factors for the storm: 1) the track of the low; 2) timing

We'll keep updating our chances as we move closer to Wednesday night. As you regular readers know, a lot can happen in the twenty-four hours leading up to the storm.

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