Wednesday, December 21, 2011

12.22: White Stuff on the Way

Normally we don't get too excited about a whopping 2" of snow for our area, but it is winter (as of tonight) and we need nature to at least look the part.

Snow will start late at night on Thursday, and it will be a fast mover, but it could make for a messy drive-in--for those who have to go to work, that is! With most schools on vacation, this storm is in that "who cares?" zone, but the holiday does make it semi-relevant.

Probably not enough to sled on according to Accuweather, but there will be enough flakes to get even the grouchiest of Grinches into the holiday spirit. Here's hoping it's on the high side of the predicted snowfall total.

We'll update throughout the holiday vacation if there are any blockbusters, and we'll definitely have a few predictions for our first week back. Until the, enjoy the holidays!

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