Monday, March 21, 2011

Wed/Thurs Storm?? (3.23-24)

It looks like today's storm (Monday) arrived about five hours too late for it to impact school. We keep missing by a few hours with the last several precipitation makers. This one should end between 2 and 3 this afternoon and give us close to 3 inches.

For those who want one more snow day, Thursday just might be the day. But we emphasize "might." A low will form off the coast of New Jersey and move snow into our area Wednesday afternoon and into the night. The low is supposed to glide past us to the south, but there's a long shot of a chance that the storm could intensify along the coast. We'll definitely see light snow on Wednesday night, but the potential for moderate and even heavy snow exists. GSD is not overly optimistic at this point in the proceedings, but we'll keep a watchful eye on the forecasts in the next few days. This could be a late bloomer of a storm so you'll need to check in often on Wednesday.

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