Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Friday Storm (4.1) is No Joke

Just the other day a few GSD staffers started to clean out their desks, put away the long term forecast charts, and put the cover on the ol' GSD Dartboard that we occasionally use to make those really tough decisions.

Well, not so fast GSD staffers! Get your hineys back to work! We're back in the game for a Friday storm.

Here's the scoop, Snoop:

1) storm in the Gulf will slink on over to the Atlantic seaboard where it will start to move north-northeast. Timing looks like Thursday night into Friday morning. Yahtzee!

2) Some models have it going out to sea; others have it hugging the coast. Followers should know by now that we would prefer that the low fully engage the Atlantic coast in a massive Public Display of Affection.

3) Should the storm get cuddly with the coast, look for rain for New York, New London, and Boston but "significant heavy, wet snow" in the interior portions of New England. The downside on this potential storm is that the shoveling will be tortuous on the lower back. Proactive GSD Followers should call in for their physical therapy appointments right now.

4) Not as good news #1 -- the high pressure over us right now is weak (relative to midwinter storms) and might get bumped out of the way too quickly by the low pressure coming from the coast. This would mean a rain event.

5) Not as good news #2 -- because of the warmer air that will be in place, it really has to come down hard to get the accumulation on the roadways we need for a delay or cancellation.

A very promising scenario via Accuweather.

It's too early to make a call right now. Once we see a few more updates from the models--and once the staff returns their desks to their normal, midwinter mode--we'll let you know the A-1, genuine real deal. And we aren't foolin'.

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