Wednesday, March 23, 2011

High Pressure Holds On -- Moisture Drying Up

Look at the radar and the snow should have been falling hours ago. Look out your window--alas, often the best weather predictor--and nothing, nada, zilch. Just got word (5 pm) that snow has started in Albany, which means it won't be long now for the GSD-following area.

The big, huge bummer is that some of the models are calling for less than a quarter of an inch of liquid precipitation, which translates to a snow total of under 4". This news is not so great for the grand plans we had for our extra two hours on Thursday morning.

Radar at 5:10 PM courtesy of WC
 Be that as it may, GSD is holding out hope. We're going to get some overriding moisture from the low when it hits the coast, and the air will stay cold enough overnight for the snow to stick on all surfaces. Maybe--just maybe--the snow will stick around to mid-morning tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for significant intensification.

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