Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Midday Report: Snow for 4.1 "Highly Likely"

Spring teams thought they were going to get on the fields over the weekend, but those plans look like they'll have to change.

Here's the latest map from Accuweather:

The current projection.
We're firmly in that 6-12 zone, which will cancel school even if we get the low range amount. Just a few words of caution: the last three storms have been hyped only to fizzle out without much fuss. Meteorologists get a little silly this time of the year and are not afraid to ramp up the excitement just to boost ratings and readership (be assured GSD would never stoop to such lowbrow tactics).

Yet, there are two major differences with this storm that makes it more like the earlier winter blockbusters: 1) "Bombogenesis" will take place--this storm will intensify over a short period of time as it rips up the coast; 2) The origin is from the South, not the upper Midwest, which allows for a nor'easter to form.

 More than likely, we're in for it. Please check out the previous post to get more of the details, which really haven't changed that much.

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