Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Timing Questions Loom for 3.24

According to the radar, as of 10:00 am on Wednesday it should be snowing. Unfortunately, the high pressure that is in place is drying up the snow before it can hit the ground. Once the high pressure system budges and starts to recede to the north and east, the snow will come down. A WWA has been posted for Southern Berkshire but not the North.

A big problem for the potential of a snow day tomorrow is the dreaded timing. It looks like the storm is going to arrive too quickly, giving crews plenty o' time to clear off the roadways. GSD still thinks we'll get a good 4-5" out of this late season storm, but it just might not be enough to gum up the works tomorrow morning.

We blame Paul Caiano for this forecast, but thanks anyway, WNYT.

The good news is that the track and amount of moisture is still unclear, and the back end of the storm does track all the way back to Minnesota (and it is moving eastward). It will be a shocker if many teams can get out and practice this afternoon, and, as for the snow day tomorrow, GSD advises that you temper your excitement for now.

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  1. Two cents from the elementary school staff:
    We can't help but think that the storm is going to track north... that seems to be the pattern we've experienced this winter. Also, there's the lake effect snow as well as that blob of moisture heading north so lots of precip. coming our way. We predict we get an advisory posted soon and then, we're going way far out on an almost budding limb, a warning.