Friday, March 4, 2011

Let's Make a Deal for Storm 3.7

Greetings, GSD Followers. The folks at NOAA are now predicting three scenarios for the Sunday-into-Monday storm. Behind curtain number one:  heavy rain on Sunday changes over to snow Sunday late at night and significant snowfall will accumulate during the morning hours on Monday. Behind curtain number two: heavy rain on Sunday but the storm accelerates through our area and leaves us with little (if any) snow on Monday. Behind curtain number three: Storm stalls out on Sunday and Monday giving us all rain through the afternoon hours on Monday, with significant flooding as a result.

And, according to NOAA forecasters, the winner is curtain number....ONE!

We are eager to see how this one develops, but this forecast is enough to put a snow day in play for Monday, with an even greater chance of a delay. Put that bookmark for GSD at the top of the favorites list because you're going to want to click in often throughout the weekend.

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