Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Snow Totals Predictions on the Up and Up 3.24

Coming out of the Midwest Region, seeded #11 after a late season swoon, it's America's favorite team, Winter, making a surprise appearance in the Sweet Sixteen. Yessirree, Winter is back, baby, and in the zone. They teased us with a little 2-incher on Monday, but now Winter is ready for a more serious rumble on Thursday.

The NOAA folks are calling for a more northerly track for a storm, and good ol' Bob Kovachik at Channel 13 has the Northern Berkshires safely in the 5-8" zone. Give me a B! Give me an O! Give me a B!

You the man, Bob.
Needless to say, the staff at GSD is all a-flutter. We certainly can't ensure a snow day at this early juncture, and there's an awful lot that can go wrong with this storm, but we're clicking the Like Box for a delay on Thursday. We'll know more by tomorrow at noon when GSD will give a more trustworthy final pronouncement on the storm.

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  1. Is Thursday an MCAS day? If it is, the super might be "very reluctant"!