Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Snow For Wednesday Night

A big storm will move into our area tomorrow night and bring snow for the all-important morning commute on Thursday. We will likely see 3-5 inches of snow, which is certainly delay worthy. Given the dicey morning commutes we've had these past two weeks, the super is likely feeling some pressure to finally appease the masses and get a call absolutely correct. On the meter, we're moving the super to agreeable, keeping the snow fall at moderate, and the timing stays at excellent. With these three ingredients in place, a delay is highly likely.

The big "IF" is the timing of the shift from snow to rain, which will definitely happen. At this point the GSD staff is confident that the ol' switcheroo will take place after the morning commute (8 or 9 am). Because of this switch, it's unlikely that we will have a snow day. Heavy rain will move into the area in the afternoon from a developing coastal low, and we could get up to 3" of rain. Yikes. Break out the high rubber boots and small water crafts.


  1. IF it does not switch to rain, how much snow do you think we could possibly get

  2. I like your mix of meteorology and psychology. The mindset of the Super is certainly an important variable in this complicated equation.