Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Revenge of the Nerds and Other Matters

[skip to the last paragraph if you want the latest storm info]

You ever wonder if somehow this whole meteorological business is some kind of charade--a climatological conspiracy--and that the storm predicted for Friday is a big ol' April Fool's joke? Couldn't you see the Weather Guys and Gals getting together, fabricating a few maps, making up a ridiculous forecast, and roping in the willing public hook, line, and sinker? Isn't it just slightly possible?

Think for a second about the average meteorologist. Probably not the captain of the hockey team or the heartthrob of underclasswomen or the girl who dotted her i's with little smiley faces or hearts. He (more than likely a "he") grew up on the nerd side of the tracks, was familiar with the inside of a high school locker, and often was able to read the label on his tighty-whiteys simply by turning his head and looking behind him.

Wouldn't it be just a like a meteorologist to get his revenge by trying to pull off an April 1st snow storm? Can't you just see them firing off high priority, top-secret emails as they organized this entire ruse? And it does have all the hallmarks of good, old-fashioned geek fun. It's elaborate. It involves technology. The outcome would be relatively harmless. And it would it would give the nerd set the giggles all the way to Memorial Day.

*     *     *     *

It's blasphemy to even go down this path, but most people canvassed by the GSD staff--and a few battle-weary staffers themselves--really don't want a snow day on Friday. So, this is reason #1 that we WILL have a snow day on Friday. Here are a few others:

1. We need to go over the 100" mark with a bang, not a whimper.
2. Most of the students in the GSD following area wore shorts to school on Wednesday thereby angering Old Man Winter.
3. The symbol of summer -- Red Sox baseball -- starts up on Friday.
4. The golf course down the street was just about to open up.
5. Last weekend the snow blower was officially put behind the lawn mower in the shed.
6. Your neighbor just took down the Christmas decorations to put up the Easter eggs in the tree in the front yard.

We're still on track for a snow day on Friday. Visit the last few posts for more useful weather info about the storm. Right now it looks like the precip will start around 8 p.m. tomorrow (perhaps first as rain but changing over). GSD's at a conference tomorrow ("Bringing the Boom Boom--Predicting Spring Thunderstorms") so look for an update in the early a.m. and one around 4 p.m. This is not a guarantee but we're very optimistic.

Channel 13's latest projection.


  1. Yes, how could you let that boy out of the house in shorts this morning? But really now, you tryin' to tell me old Kovachick's not a total stud? I guess you're right. Those guys who care about weather? Total geeks. Every last one of us. Now this storm is either the biggest conspiracy theory since, well, the last thing Ouisa said, or Mother Nature's takin' us way back to '97's_Day_Blizzard.

  2. what are your thoughts on this being an April Fools day joke

  3. I love the Murphy's Law theory from GSD: no one wants this snow day, so it will come. Yes, indeed.

  4. over the 100" mark
    and over the 50,000 view mark?
    I think so