Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Possible Delay for Thursday 3.24

Snow will move into our area Wednesday afternoon or early evening, and right now it looks like we're in the 3" range. The NOAA Albany forecasters think the storm is going to track too far to the south. Areas south of us could get hit with a moderate snowfall, but according to NOAA, the Berks would only see an inch or so.

Over at Accuweather the forecast is more encouraging, and they've put us in the 3-6" range. Now that's more like it. This storm definitely has more moisture, so it wouldn't be surprising to see 3-5". The timing might be too early for a snow day or delay, but if the low can re-form higher up the Atlantic coast, then we'll see the snow hold on longer and give us a much better chance of a delay. This will be a 12 to 18 hour event. You're rooting for 18 hours for this one.

Courtesy of Accuweather
Things can definitely change but there appears to be enough moisture and cold air for something good to happen Thursday morning. High schools will need to have a plan B for MCAS testing should there be a delay.


  1. If we have a two hour delay and since its a half day already that means that we will have only 3 hours of school! :D i hope it happens!

  2. ^^^^^^you are not very smart little man^^^^^^^^^
    Half day is on thrusday..... NOT WEDNESDAY

  3. oops.... wow i meant halfday is TOMMOROW NOT THURSDAY.... great now i made mydelf look stupid