Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Upcoming Week is Last Week but Colder

Greetings, readers. We hope you enjoyed the brief spell of snow we received yesterday morning. For a while there it actually looked like winter until the temps shot up into the 40s and melted the ground cover. At the GSD Home Office, we currently have zero snow cover. Hopefully that will end tonight.

This week is shaping up to look a lot like last week. The only difference is that this week will be significantly colder. Arctic air will pour into our region from central and northern Canada starting late tonight. We may see single digits early Tuesday and early Friday. Most days, though, will top out in the 20s and bottom out in the low teens.

And now the snow news. We do have another Alberta Clipper locked and loaded to our west. This one has a little more potency, and Winter Weather Advisories have been posted in areas just to our north and west for this evening. We should see 1-2 inches of the light powdery kind of snow starting around 9 PM. With MLK Jr. Day tomorrow, there will be no impact on schools in the Berkshires.

As for the rest of the week, once again the computer models are showing the possibility of a coastal storm for Friday night into Saturday. The good news: there will be enough cold air in place to make this an all-snow event. The bad news: the models are not sure if the storm will track far enough to the north to impact our area. Currently, both the North American and European models are leaning toward a coastal storm that will impact southern New England. If its path moves more to the north, then we could be in for a moderate (3-6 inches) storm.

Because it's a weekend storm, we're not focusing too much of our energy on it just yet, but we will certainly be monitoring its development closely. It has the potential to alter people's Saturday plans, in the morning especially.

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