Friday, January 8, 2016

Storms Are A-Brewin'

It's a little early for the hype machine to get chugging along, but we're hearing rumblings about two possible storms for next week.

First, this weekend. We'll see a little snow, sleet, and possible freezing drizzle Friday night into Saturday. There won't be a Winter Weather Advisory with this storm because it simply lacks moisture. But it could create slick roads through the early part of the morning tomorrow. For Sunday we're still slated for a significant rain storm. Any progress the ski resorts have made will be halted. The big thing to watch out for on Sunday is high wind.

Now the more encouraging news. Some of our insider weather contacts are sending us signals that we could be in for a snow-stormy week. A cold front will descend from central Canada starting on Tuesday. We will see an Alberta Clipper associated with this cold front. (Just a refresher--clippers generally do not bring heavy snowfall. Usually, clippers drop 2-3 inches of light, powdery snow.) There is some talk from some of our more optimistic meteorologist friends that the clipper could hit the coast and intensify right off the coast of southern New England. Should that scenario take place, central New England could be in for a moderate snow storm (4-6"). The timing for this storm would be Tuesday into Wednesday, giving us a legitimate chance for a delay or snow day. We're confident the clipper will happen; we're much less confident the coastal piece will develop. But we're definitely paying attention to it.

The louder rumblings we're hearing are about a Martin Luther King, Jr. Day storm. The way that the jet streams are shaping up could lead to the right conditions for a coastal, nor'easter-type storm for New England. There would be enough cold air in place for an all snow event Monday. We are really, really hoping this scenario develops and that it slows down so that Tuesday's school day is impacted. I'm sure there a few readers out there who would not mind a four-day weekend at all.

Things are busy in the GSD Office. The collective ear is to the ground; the collective nose is to the grindstone; the collective eye is on the prize. Whatever comes our way, we'll be ready and you'll be the first to hear about it.

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