Monday, January 4, 2016

Messy Weekend Ahead

Congratulations, of sorts, are in order for today's weather. We will not go above freezing for a daytime high today. This marks the latest we've ever gone into a winter season without having a day below 32 degrees. This record should not be too surprising given that we broke the latest measurable snow record at the end of December.

We laid out the rest of the week in our last post, but the GSD Staff wants to prepare you for a messy weekend of inclement weather. We could see precipitation starting Friday night that lasts all the way into Sunday.

There is a lot of meteorological confusion about what shape this next storm will take. Unfortunately, it won't be a major snow event and it will be confined to the weekend. A best case scenario right now is that it starts out with a few inches of snow Friday night, changes to sleet and rain on Saturday, and then returns back to snow for a few more inches on Sunday when a secondary low forms on the coast. Not all of the models are predicting this order of events--several do not have the secondary coastal low forming at all.

Just keep the rubberized boots handy, and we'll let you know more as we get closer to Friday.

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