Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Crumb-y Winter Continues

A starving man doesn't complain when he's given crumbs, so we won't either.

There's a rumor that we have a chance that we might see snow on Friday! Can't you just feel the GSD Staff's enthusiasm!

(Yes, we will admit it. Things have been a little bitter in the office the past few weeks. Warm temps, no precipitation, terrible long-range forecasts. Everyone's a bit restless and cranky.)

But we do have some snow to make you aware of for Thursday and Friday. It won't impact the school day on Friday--no surprise there--but it could make for a messy Friday afternoon commute home.

We'll see an Alberta Clipper pass on by Thursday afternoon, and then many snow showers will fall in the Berkshires during the day on Friday. There are some indications that these showers could come down as heavier squalls and actually accumulate on roadways. Whoopee!

On the low end, we'll see a dusting; the high end outcome could yield 2 inches.

But we're back in the mid-40s for the weekend and possibly up to 50 on Monday.

A minor disturbance could develop for next Thursday, but it won't be a big weathermaker.

Stay hungry, Followers of the Flake.


  1. Do you think there is potential for late February/March storms?

  2. Look. We're always holding out hope. At this point there really is no other choice. The long-range forecast did not look good through mid-February. But don't forget--we've gotten huge storms in March. We do think we'll see at least one major storm this season.

  3. Do you see potential for more bouts of freezing rain over snow? Freezing rain can cause delays/closings just as easily as a blockbuster snowstorm too!

  4. Possibly. Because temps will be higher, the chances that storms transition from snow to mixed precipitation to rain are higher. If the timing is right, a period of sleet and freezing rain is all we will need to cancel school even if snow totals aren't that high. Ice has more of a wildcard element to it.