Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Snow Squalls Continue

Thanks to an Alberta Clipper, we picked up about an inch of snow in the afternoon today. We'll have one more potent band of steady snow from about 10:30 to midnight Tuesday, then only intermittent flurries throughout the night and morning.

The 9:45 PM radar. The band of snow west of Albany will move into the Berkshires around 10:30.
Because of the fast spinning movement of this storm, we will not see any prolonged periods of snow feeding in from the north that we sometimes get after a clipper stalls out on the coast. Winds will pick up also, essentially blowing the snow right out of our region.

School will go on as scheduled tomorrow morning. We see only the slightest of slight chances of a delay. We should see intermittent snow showers throughout the day on Wednesday.

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