Monday, January 25, 2016

Snow North and Snow South

We certainly missed out on all the fun this past weekend. We all know that Washington DC and New York City received record amounts of snow, but parts of Massachusetts did get clobbered, too. Unfortunately, those places are ones we more associate with presidential summer vacations, salt water taffy, and the movie Jaws. Martha's Vineyard received 15 inches of snow.

This week we were interested in two storms, but it looks like we are out of luck again. A system will impact the Adirondacks on Tuesday night, giving them upwards of 6 inches of snow. A coastal low looks to form later in the week (Friday) but it will slide harmlessly out to sea. Even more disconcerting is that the temperatures will rise above freezing (daytime highs) for the next week or so. We'll see mid 30s this week and then low 40s at the start of next week. Expect lots of clouds during the next eight days, but no snow will be falling from them in the Berkshires.

Things can change, but this week is already in the books. It's time to focus on the next week and then the week before February vacation. As of today, we have 14 more cracks at snow day before our next vacation. The probability is low that we will have a snow day or delay in those 14 days, but we are holding out hope that something wintery this way comes.

You can do it, Old Man Winter!

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