Thursday, January 21, 2016

Stormless Winter Continues

Boy oh boy are we missing out on all the snow fun:

Image courtesy of The Weather Channel.
One of the more impressive aspects of this storm is how distinct the line is for the northern edge of this storm. A hundred mile shift could mean the difference between 0 inches and 4-6 inches. We might see an inch in Springfield on Saturday and up to 10 inches in New Haven.

Unfortunately, New England's "snowmageddon" is not right around the corner. Early next week temperatures will get back into those undesirable mid-40s before cooling back down to the mid-30s later in the week. We might have a little rain on Tuesday and then just some snow showers some time on Thursday. The moderate storm we were hoping to see develop for the end of next week now looks like it will not happen. Old Man Winter is still M.I.A.

This winter is truly going to test our patience. We do not at all like we're seeing from the long-range forecast for the next three-to-four weeks. The trend will be toward above average temperatures and normal amounts of precipitation. That would mean only a few small and moderate storms will impact our area with the snow/sleet/rain mess to contend with.

Don't be surprised if we make it to President's Day without any snow days. Argh.

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