Sunday, January 31, 2016

First Week of February Update

Hello faithful snowhounds. The wait continues for the first big winter storm of 2015-16. Time is ticking!

We have good news and bad news. Let's get the bad news out of the way first.

Not a bad spring day for January 31st, was it? Temps hit the big 5-0 today. We'll see a slight cool down tomorrow and Tuesday (40s) before we're right back up into the mid 50s on Wednesday. Oh, and Wednesday? Heavy rain possible and windy. Winter in the Berkshires, 2016! Good times!

The rest of the week will be slightly cooler but still above freezing for our daily highs. The snowstorm drought continues.

The good news--and it's meager--is we could have a coastal storm late Sunday into Monday. One model is predicting potent snowstorm scenario; the other has the low pressure system going out to sea.

The GSD Staff can not express it more clearly how welcome a three-day weekend would be at this time of the year. Even though we have February vacation coming up, it's most unusual to go from December break to February break without at least one weather interruption.

We have advocated in this space in the past why the Monday after the Super Bowl would make for a better fit for Presidents' Day. Perhaps this is our year that Old Man Winter will make it a holiday for us.

Our desire for a snow day on February 8th is at 100%. The True North Confidence Meter, unfortunately, is at 2%.

We'll keep on an eye on it, of course, but do not get your hopes up.

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