Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A Near Miss

Despite encouraging early signs from the computer models a few days ago, our "big storm" for the weekend will stay to our south. Maryland, Virginia and New Jersey could get demolished by snow, but we will stay nearly high and dry in the Berkshires.

The level of moisture and energy with this storm is very high. Heavy snow will debilitate the mid-Atlantic over the weekend. We could see close to two feet in parts of Virginia. If you are travelling that way, we might not see you for a while.

We could see a few flakes Saturday. The best chance of snow will be in southern Berkshire county, but we're looking at a dusting or perhaps a half inch. Because this storm is coming so close to us, a slight change in the track of the storm could an inch or two for us. The models are not forecasting a more northerly trend, but it's within the realm of possibility.

Sorry the news isn't better. But we have our eye on another late week storm for next week. Winter storms often do come in threes, and we're hoping this next one will steer itself our way.

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