Thursday, March 13, 2014

Yes, It Will Stop Snowing

Storm Elle must have taken our disparaging comments about her personally, as she is holding on tooth and nail in the Berkshires.

The storm center is pulling out to sea off the coast of Maine, but we're stuck in the snow-making engine that sometimes results from the back end of these coastal storms. Cold air is streaming in from the north (it is 11 degrees out there), and there's still enough moisture around to generate these quasi-lake effect snows. The snow is very light, but we're stuck in it for a few more hours.

Eventually, the main energy of the storm will pull far enough away to shut off the snow-producing machine.

Temps will warm-up significantly tomorrow, but not before we come close to breaking the all-time low temperature for Pi Day.

The weekend looks good--sun and above freezing temps--but we expect another cool down on Monday, which is the start of the Spring sports season!

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