Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Storm Elle: Afternoon Update

The Winter Weather Advisory is still in effect with this storm, but our confidence is starting to shrink about any kind of delay scenario for Thursday.

GSD never gives up hope, but....

Temps have risen to 40 degrees (as of 2 PM Wed.), which means it will take that much longer to see the rain/sleet/snow progression. Our best bet to finally see snow is after dark.

Meanwhile, we've studied the radar and a lot of the energy from the southern piece of the storm (that part over S. Carolina in this morning's radar picture) has transferred to the Ohio Valley piece of the storm. What this has done is push much of the heavy rain/snow to our north, which is why the ADKs are getting pounded right now.

The southern piece of the storm is not very well organized, so, despite the predictions of 4-8 inches of snow for North County, we think it will be more like 1-3". A few very strong bands could come through later tonight and completely blow up this low forecast, but our analysis of the radar images just isn't inspiring any confidence.

We'll see what we can do to improve our fortunes, but no breath-holding out there. Prepare for a full day of school tomorrow (Thursday). But it will be very cold and windy.

From our lo-tech friends at Ch. 22 in Springfield. We assume "C" means "coating."
We'll provide an update later tonight; hopefully, we'll have better news.

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