Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Storm Elle: More Rain Than Snow

Ah, the fickle March snow storm...

Our most recent round of data-gathering has led us to this conclusion: school will be in session for Wednesday and Thursday. Northern Berkshire County is still under a Winter Storm Watch, but the Watch for South County has been lifted. Not a good sign at all. It appears too much warm air will work into our area to make Elle a blockbuster.

The Adirondacks, though, will be the big winners.

The Berkshires are not completely out of harm's way, as we could still get up to 6" of snow with lots of sleet mixed in during the day on Wednesday. Enough warm air should be in place to change the sleet to rain at the time when school buses will be returning boys and girls to their homes. Some school districts in North County might opt for the early release, but that will have to be a game day call, as they say, in the early morning hours Wednesday. Rain will change back to snow Wednesday night. Realistically, we'll see 2-4" of snow.

We still haven't given up hope on this storm. If the storm center does start to move south at all, we'll have much more snow and a delay or full snow day is then possible for Thursday. But to reiterate, we're not feeling much love for Elle at this stage in the proceedings.

More details later...

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