Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Stick a Fork In Her

As the intro used to say for The Six Million Dollar Man, "She's backing up! She's breaking up!" Elle has come apart at the seams, and we do not have the technology to fix her.

Here's the 9:45 PM radar:

Everything is moving in a northeast direction. We might see a few intermittent snow showers overnight, but we'll be lucky to get an inch.

Be careful out there tomorrow morning in your driveways and on walkways, as the sharp drop in temperatures has flash frozen all of the rain and the snow will be covering up those icy spots. Tread very carefully if have to walk on fresh snow tomorrow.

Side roads will be icy (they're icy right now) but crews should have enough time to manage them overnight. Do allow yourself a few extra minutes to get where you need to go tomorrow morning. And wear a hat--it's going to be unpleasantly cold and windy.

We'll be very surprised if Berkshire County sees any delays tomorrow.

The good news (for some) is that we have our eye on another weathermaker for next Thursday, so we might have to do this all over again. The winter that keeps on giving!

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