Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Winter Fights On...Delays for 3/20?

Old Man Winter clearly put in the work in the off-season because that man is going deep into March this year and ready to make a post-season run. What strength, what resolve, what stamina. He's been a prime-time player this year.

It's late March and we have two snow-friendly events to alert you about. First, tonight (Wednesday) we could see 1-3" of sleet and snow. Winter Weather Advisories have been posted in counties to our north. Tomorrow morning's commute for the Berkshires could be dicey, so we advise you to check your local weather source (!!) in the morning to see if there are any delays. The GSD Staff is mostly confident we won't have any late starts to the school day, but we are not ruling out the possibility.

Then on Saturday we'll see another system move in. This one is less of a certainty, but there's enough moisture associated with it to bring us 2-4" of wet snow. We haven't gotten a very good read on the timing of the changeover to all snow, but we will let you know more as soon as we can.

With daytime temps rising above freezing for the next few days, it will take some time for either of these storms to create accumulating snow on the roadways.

Neither of these storms is hype-worthy, but they are doing their part to make sure we don't see snow-free yards and fields until early April.

The Old Man has left his mark. Courtesy of Nate Silver's new and improved FiveThirtyEight (check it out! it's outstanding!).

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