Wednesday, March 19, 2014

2014 Writing Contest Winners!

Thank you to all of the 2014 Writing Contest entrants! We had an incredible range of poems to choose from, ranging from the gothic and eerie to the innocent and joyous. Greylock Snow Day and True North Financial Services are very proud to announce that this year's winner of the Grand Prize of $300 is Andrew Whitaker, a junior at Mt. Greylock Regional, whose light-hearted and lively verse captured the humor and spirit of GSD the best. Here 'tis:

"Ode to the GSD Wizard"by Andrew Whitaker 
The crystals fall through winter air
Covering sidewalks, coating roads,
And Berkshire students everywhere
Look to the place that surely knows. 
Within his Greylock Snow Day lair
The winter wizard quickly types
Collecting newscasts, maps, and prayers
To judge if conditions are right. 
The students are obsessed with snow,
They dance strange dances, storms have names.
The wizard's always right, they know.
The truth is what he has to say. 
His accuracy is astounding;
Snowy globes and crystal balls.
Each prediction has a firm grounding
His website is viewed by all. 
He often, with stunning precision,
Looks ahead for future storms,
And risky students make decisions
To skip homework, well informed. 
Now hope that you were not misled.
The robot calls around 6:10.
Refresh your phones and stay in bed;
Check Greylock Snow Day yet again.

We're also very pleased to hand out Second Place awards ($100 each) to sophomore Noah Savage of Mt. Greylock Regional, and fifth-grader Isabel Thompson of Williamstown Elementary School. Congratulations!

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