Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Complications for Storm Elle

Here's the latest discouraging snow map from our friends over at WNYT:

The timing of the storm is also working against us, as the hardest precipitation will hit the Berkshires around 6 PM on Wednesday. And the storm is a fast-mover, which means we won't see many snow bursts last into the day on Thursday.

But before you give up hope for Elle, you might consider this map:

Courtesy of Channel 6 Albany
If ice is part of this storm, then all bets are off for Thursday. A quarter of an inch of ice is not something we should dismiss, as there could be many power outages from the combination of icing and heavy winds (predicted for Wednesday night late and into early Thursday).

So...let's everyone stay on guard. We do think we'll get through a full school day tomorrow. Some Supers could be goaded into calling for the early release, especially if we see indications that the storm will take a more southerly track, but that scenario is unlikely.

A delay on Thursday is something the GSD Staff will discuss intently during the day and early evening tomorrow.

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