Sunday, March 2, 2014

No Snow, But Cold

Despite the near miss this weekend, Old Man Winter will still very much be a part of our lives for the next week.

Part of the reason the storm stayed to the south is the big high pressure system currently in place over us that will bring the temps down to single digits tonight. Brrr.

Highs Monday will be in the teens. By the end of the week (Friday) we should see temps rise above freezing during the day, which will hopefully get those maple trees pumping that good ol' Berkshire sap.

We do have half an eye on a possible stormy development for Friday, but the latest models do not bring the storm into New England. We'll monitor it closely.

This winter definitely has at least one big storm left in it. Enjoy Oscar Sunday!

As we head into a new week, here's what could have been:

Only missed us by a few hundred miles.

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  1. The Legally Blonde Storm -- Oh, Elle, Elle... Elle Would... Elle Would have been