Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Disintegration of Storm Elle

Here's your 7 PM radar. You might avert our eyes, though, as it's a grim picture.

All of the precipitation is moving in an east-north-east direction, except for that patch over Ohio, W. Virginia, and Kentucky, which is oddly heading south-south-east. The line of green/yellow is a decent band of thunderstorms.

The only snow we'll see is that darker blue patch over western New York. That thick band of snow is certainly capable of brushing over us and dropping 2-3" of snow. But that's it.

We hope we're wrong, but we're just about ready to throw in the towel for this storm. We'll have one more update later tonight, but it will most likely be brief and negative. We wish we had more to offer you.


  1. It would have been a snow day if you named it Eunice.

  2. But there's ice on everything! That must count for something...