Sunday, February 5, 2012

Week of 2.6.12: Quiet and Dry [Grrrr...]

Welcome back, faithful followers. Once again Old Man Winter is still on vacation as we have a relatively quiet week ahead of us.

Right now our best chance of measurable snow is Tuesday night into Wednesday and possibly a larger storm on Saturday. Perfect. Just perfect.

If it snows Tuesday night, it will be an inch or two at most. Saturday's storm, however, could be much more potent. Two models are predicting two very different outcomes. One has the high pressure (and colder temps) pushing into our area quickly and giving us just a dusting. Another scenario that has been proposed is the cold front will stall over our area and allow a coastal storm to develop just off of Cape Cod. If this situation plays out, we'll be looking at a moderate, school-closing snow. Unfortunately, it will be Saturday when this happens.

Look on the bright side--only two more weeks until February vacation.

We'll have updates throughout the week on the Tuesday night and Saturday snows.

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