Monday, February 27, 2012

Storm 2.29.12-3.1.12: Snow for Certain--But How Much?

Just when you thought you could dust off the ol' baseball cleats and get the golf clubs out of the closet, here comes a little late winter snow.

We like what we're hearing from our various feelers out there in meteorology land. The computer models are decidedly NOT in agreement, but we think we're going to get all snow on Wednesday. The snow should start in the afternoon, as we stated earlier, but what it does late at night is going to be the make-or-break moment of this storm. There definitely will be a period of time Wednesday night when the snow stops, but the secondary low is supposed to form off the coast of New Jersey and bring us snow, sleet or freezing rain Thursday morning. So many different factors are yet to be determined--amount of moisture, track of the low, how much cold air will still be in place--that we can't possibly determine just yet if it's going to be all snow or a mixed bag during the critical morning hours.

Things are looking up.
 The GSD Staff can confirm that you are allowed to get just a little bit excited. Don't overdo it, but you can walk with a little bounce in your step for the next few days knowing that something is coming. We are aware that some of you are, like, so done with snow days for 2011-12. For those naysayers, we have but three words--"Phooey on you."

Real snow lovers never waver in their quest for the coveted snow holiday.

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