Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Storm 3.1.12: Midday Update On Our Storm

Oh, it's good to back in the saddle again...

The latest news from NOAA is good. Look for 3 or 4" of snow tomorrow afternoon...and then the fun begins. If the secondary low forms quickly off the coast of NJ, we're in for another 4-6" in the overnight hours, which would almost guarantee a delay or full snow day. If the low takes its time to develop and forms over Long Island, then we'll be in a band of sleet for an extended amount of time. Gotta love sleet.

Either scenario would appear to be working in our favor. The snow totals have been downgraded to 3-8" for our area, but the upper end of the forecast amount would raise our chances of a snow day significantly. There is also concern about a significant period of icing.

We're still a little hesitant to go all out on this storm--18
 times bitten, once shy--but the GSD staff is pretty jazzed by what it's seeing on the radar.

We'll have a detailed evening report around 10 pm tonight.

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  1. Wake-up GSD staff!!!! Did you crawl back to sleep with the groundhog? Shake it off, get on that horse, and start a-ridin'!
    How about an early release tomorrow and a snow day on Thursday?