Monday, February 27, 2012

Storm 2.29.12-3.1.12: Moderate Snow in the Forecast?

It looks like we have a real shot at a moderate snowfall (4-5") for Wednesday afternoon and into Thursday morning. We are going to temper our excitement this far in advance, but many of the computer guidance models are trending in an upward direction for an all-snow event for the Northern Berkshires.

A typically ambitious Accuweather snowcast, but it sure beats temps in the high 40s!
Right now the forecast is for the snow to start in the early afternoon on Wednesday. There is some talk of a secondary low forming on the coast, which could turn the event from light to moderate to moderate to heavy. Again, we advise extreme caution about not getting too fired up for this snow event, but at some point Old Man Winter will make his name known in 2012. This could be his last stand.

Our finger is on the pulse of it all at GSD--we'll bring you the latest as it develops over the next 72 hours.

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