Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Storm 3.1.12: Snow Totals On the Rise

The NWS has revised its snow prediction for this storm, and the Northern Berkshires are now in the 8-14 inch range. We think that's just a bit ambitious--don't be surprised to see those totals come down as clearer information comes in about the changeover to sleet and the timing of the return to snow on Thursday. But also don't be surprised to see the NWS upgrade the Winter Storm Watch to a Winter Storm Warning for Wednesday afternoon. Look for that announcement to happen tonight between 12 and 4 am.

48-hour snowfall forecast--courtesy of The Weather Channel
 The bulk of the snow will fall on Wednesday afternoon and evening, and could come down as much as an inch an hour. In this scenario, activities after school and tomorrow night would be very much in question.

One wild wag of a commentator has suggested the possibility of an early release tomorrow and a snow day on Thursday. Oh, the follies of youth! We like the way you're thinking, but in these times of paltry precipitation, one should not be so greedy.

We're upping our percentages on the Confidence Meter on the heals of this good news, but the GSD Staff is still not in love with the timing of the initial snow burst and the lack of consensus from the models on the secondary low on Thursday.

We'll role out on more report this evening and then tomorrow will be a very active day. Check in early and check in often!


  1. NO LATE RUNS that was very stupid last time they did not cancel late buses when they said they did

  2. I'm so happy for this threat of snow if only because it gives me an excuse to check in with the witty GSD staff postings often!!!

  3. Follies of youth? I think not... (but thanks for the compliment;))
    If the super is feeling safety conscious, she'll dismiss the high school by 12:00 and the elementary schools by 1:00, guaranteeing everyone's safety. Nothing worse then teenage drivers in a snowstorm, especially those new drivers who have had no "slick road" driving practice. And let's not forget about the other drivers who have a long trek home.
    Greedy? I think not. Logical? Absolutely.
    Keep the faith and ...it wouldn't hurt to see last year's snow dance winner video.

  4. i hope it's not all rain by thursday morning :(