Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Storm 3.1.12: Tuesday Evening Report

Not much new to report since the previous two posts. Read those to get caught up. We are liking Channel 13 Bob Kovachik's map that appeared earlier this evening:

Things look very promising for the Northern Berkshires. If this map holds true, South County is in for a long day of school on Thursday. In the north, schools will be delayed or cancelled.

We still think these prediction are a little too high based on this latest (Tuesday at 10 pm) picture of the radar:

This picture shows that our storm is a little moisture starved for our area. The low (L) over Nebraska is pushing eastward--which is good--and the H at the top of NY is responsible for the cold air that we need kept in place as long as possible if we want a foot of snow out of this storm.

What isn't pictured here is the energy transfer that will take place. The L will--we hope--transfer its energy to another "L" off the coast of NJ or Long Island. As we stated earlier, where this secondary low (L) begins will determine how much snow we get. If it sets up more to south--we're in business. If it sets up more northerly, snow totals will be held down to the point that we might only get a delay on Thursday.

Your biggest fear right now should be the timing. The storm could be 80% done by midnight tomorrow night, giving road crews plenty of time to clear the roads. We don't like this scenario one bit, but it's the one we see playing out--at the moment.

Stay tuned all day tomorrow--we'll have frequent updates to so you can plan accordingly for Thursday. TTFN.

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