Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day Storm: The Midday Report

Just about as predicted, the snow began to fall in the Northern Berkshires around 11:15 today. This is good news as it is a sign that the storm is behaving as predicted.

As we've discussed before, this storm is really two storms in one. This initial blast of snow will be the stronger part and should give us a good 8" by midnight. For this reason we at the GSD Office feel strongly that no after school activities will take place. Many NY schools have already called off after school events. Any meetings or engagements you have scheduled for this evening should be called off or already have been called off.

Snow forecast through tomorrow morning...
Part two of the storm is still up in the air, and--of course--that's what's going to determine our snow day (or not) tomorrow morning. There is general consensus that I90 is the dividing line. Those near I90 and south will get sleet mixed in the early morning hours and during the commute. In that case, South County schools will be looking at delays for sure and some cancellations. North of I90, the precip should remain all snow, with an additional 3-6 inches throughout the day. If that forecast holds true, it's highly likely we'll have snow days in North County.

We're going to bump up the percentages on the Confidence Meter on the strength of the storm's predictable behavior so far. Keep your browsers open...and we'll keep you informed.

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