Sunday, November 16, 2014

Winter Weather Advisory for Monday!

The storm we were talking about a few days ago is starting to take shape, and all we can say is that we have a mess on our hands for Monday.

The NWS issued a WWA for the Berkshires, which starts at 1 AM Monday and goes to 7 AM Tuesday morning. This will NOT be a heavy snow event. The Advisory calls for 1-6" inches of snow, with the hill towns getting the higher amounts. Six inches for the Adirondacks makes sense; for the Berkshires--unlikely.

What's a little head-scratching about this storm are the types of precipitation. We will see snow at the start (possibly gumming up the morning commute), then a shift to sleet/freezing rain, then rain, and then back to snow in the overnight hours early Tuesday. Any little shift of the storms (there are two low pressure systems) will impact the snow/sleet/rain totals.

All indications suggest an inch or two of snow early Monday and then the changeover to sleet and then rain. The air should be cold enough for the snow to stick on the roads, and your local road crews could be out in force during the morning commute hours on Monday.

At this point the GSD Staff's position is a 30% chance of a delay for some school districts on Monday.

We'll provide an update much later tonight, hopefully before 10 PM.

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