Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Getting Ready for a Big Slice of Storm Mincemeat

[We're keeping a running list of school closures at the bottom of this post...]

Everything is still on track for Storm Mincemeat. In fact, some signs in the overnight hours suggest the storm could be stronger than we think, extending the snow cover farther north. Oddly, the temperature has gone up over the last few hours to the upper 30s, but now it's on its way back down. We could see a brief period of rain and sleet right at the beginning before it all turns over to heavy snow.

There is a TON of moisture associated with this storm. Once the snow starts to fall--and we think that will be between 9 and 10 AM in the Berkshires--it will not take long for it to come down heavily.

Here's the radar picture as of 4:15 AM. This green mass shows heavy precipitation moving north-northeast and it will get to our area in about 5 hours. The green will be converting to blue very shortly.
Those schools with 11 AM dismissals might sneak through okay; the noon commute home, however, is going to be unpleasant. After noon, the snow will be piling up significantly with rates of 2 inches an hour likely in the Berkshires. Make sure you have what you need for the big food festival tomorrow before 11 AM today; you're not going to want to be out and about between noon and midnight today.

Whether or not you get a snow day is very much up to the mood of your Superintendent. Also, once one Superintendent makes the decision to cancel school, more will follow. It's a big game of poker, and no one wants to reveal his or her cards too early.

We hope we'll be able to add to this list throughout the morning:


Berkshire Community College
Mohawk Trail Regional SD
Mount Greylock
Williamstown Elementary



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