Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What Does the Polar Vortex Mean for the Berkshires?

The media is all over the Polar Vortex that is only hours away from the Berkshires. You would think that the end is nigh. Stock up on provisions? Secure all children and valuables? Don't leave your pet outside for too long?

As the young people used to say, "Everyone chill-ax."

It's going to get cold for the next two weeks. But by "cold" we mean cold by November standards. It really isn't going to be that bad (more like a typical December). What's unusual is the cold will be locked in all the way to Thanksgiving. Most days will be a few degrees short of 40; at night we'll see low 20s. Your best preparation for the vortex is to get the windshield scraper sharpened up.

As for weekend snow opportunities, we might see snow showers late Thursday night into Friday morning but they will not accumulate. As for Sunday into Monday, the Euro and North American models are more in agreement that a weak coastal storm will give us the chance for some snow on Monday and possibly into Tuesday. There is even some question if the precipitation will even be in the form of snow. Either way, there's not a lot of moisture in the equation so we do not in any way expect school officials to shorten the school day either at the end or start of school.

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