Monday, November 24, 2014

Winter Storm Watch for Wednesday and Thanksgiving

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The NWS has already issued a Winter Storm Watch for Wednesday morning (7 AM) through Thursday (10 AM). The storm we wrote about yesterday seems to be shaping up, and the likelihood for 6+ inches appears to be quite good. The NWS issues Watches when there is a chance for 7+ inches in a 12-hour period, or 9+ inches in a 24-hour period. We could reach both thresholds with this storm.

Our latest look at the snow forecast (through noon on Thursday) reveals a very good chance at 6-8" of snow. If everything comes together perfectly and the snowfall is maximized, we will be looking at 12-15" in the Berkshires.

Thank you, Accuweather, for this image.
If you were planning on travelling on Wednesday, you really should adjust your plans and head out early Wednesday morning. The flakes should be flying by noon on Wednesday in Western Mass.

If the Watch becomes a Warning and the storm speeds up by four or five hours, we might see several districts call off school on Wednesday in anticipation of a heavy snowfall. Because most schools have an early release scheduled already, it will be a snow day or nothing on Wednesday.

We should be able to make firm predictions for school on Wednesday by tomorrow night.

In the meantime, make sure you vote for this storm's name so we can make it official!

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