Friday, November 14, 2014

Snow Likely On Monday

Happy weekend, followers of the flake. We topped out at 1.7 inches at the GSD Home Office Thursday night/Friday morning. We're well on our way to a seasonal record!

If it's going to be cold, it might as well snow, right? Well, it looks like we only have to wait until Monday for another shot of the white stuff. Our two favorite models--the Euro and the North American--are starting to agree and a good shot of wet snow looks likely for midday Monday into Monday night.

We might get our first WWA--Winter Weather Advisory--on Monday for Northern Berkshire County. Some lower-lying areas might see the snow change to rain on Monday, but the higher elevations should stay all snow. Four-to-five inches is possible for some locales in the County.

Because the temperature won't be that low, expect most of the snow to melt when it hits the asphalt. It could be slick for the evening commute home well after the buses have made their afternoon loops. There will be no early releases on Monday.

Much more to follow. Get that shovel ready.

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