Saturday, November 1, 2014

It's November and Snow is in the Air

Happy November, Faithful Followers. The month is starting off in fine fashion with the first flakes a-flying (possibly) for Saturday evening.

We have a fairly potent coastal storm developing that will ride up the Eastern seaboard. Unfortunately, it will stay too far out to our east to recreate the 2011 Halloween event, which it certainly has the energy to do (exhibit A, the image below).

All of Berkshire County could see its first covering of snow on the ground by midnight tonight. Most likely, it will melt before it will accumulate, but we're only looking at a half inch or maybe even a full inch in the Northern Berkshires.

The snow window looks to be between 4 PM and 11 PM.

Not so very far away, is it? (Thanks, Accuweather, for the image)

As for future storms, our various weather sources have us focused on the end of next week. We see a little ice and some rain changing to snow for Thursday or Friday. It's possible it could create a delayed start to school, but it's much too early to tell. Temps will more or less stay in the 40s for the next 10 days or so. At the moment--and it is only November, let us remind you--we see no big snow-making storms on the horizon.

Enjoy your chilly Fall weekend (and perhaps our first measurable snow).

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