Saturday, November 29, 2014

Watching Wednesday

The good news, Flake Followers, is that we still have two days left for our long Thanksgiving weekend. What's incredible to think about is that when we return to school on Monday, we'll only have 17 days of classes until the winter holiday break. This stretch from Thanksgiving to Christmas is always zany, but this year it's going to be more compressed, which means even less time to squeeze in all that shopping, all those holiday parties, and all those other holiday-themed events.

We might even have another a snow day or two to contend with, which would be unusual but delightful. We rarely get more than one snow day prior to the New Year, but maybe this year will be the year we buck the trend.

As for upcoming weather...

Look for possible drizzle and freezing drizzle at certain points in the overnight Saturday and into Sunday afternoon. The next eyebrow-raising event is a little something for Tuesday into Wednesday. Right now it looks like a snow-to-sleet-to-rain storm, with the progression beginning in the early Wednesday morning hours. We definitely need to keep our eyes on this weathermaker, as delays are certainly a possibility given the timing and type of precipitation forecasted for the morning commute.

This mixed precipitation could find its way into our area on Wednesday morning. Thanks to Accuweather for the image.
Until then, enjoy those leftovers and get your rest for the next phase of the holiday frenzy.

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