Sunday, December 2, 2012

Week of December 3rd: Mild Start, Unsettled End

For the second year in a row, a wild end of October has yielded a very quiet and dry November. November of 2012 was one of the driest Novembers on record in our area. Hopefully this is not a precursor to another dry winter. We're thinking the tide will turn in December and we'll see much more normal levels of moisture. Should we return to normal, we will likely have one snow day before the late December holiday break.

As for this week...

We'll feel extremely mild temps early in the week. We may even hit 60 in the region on Tuesday. After that, a cold front passes through our area and temps settle back down into the the high 30s. At the end of the week we'll see unsettled weather. It looks like we'll be too warm for snow--even though a cold front will have come through--and rain is possible Thursday into Friday. There is a chance of frozen precip on Friday into Saturday but computer models, both European and American, are not in agreement on the amount or type of precip. Conventional wisdom suggests all rain, and the GSD staff is pretty much in agreement that only rain will fall over the weekend.

Long term models are bearish on a snow day for December, but we're going to stay optimistic. December is already setting up to be a much less stable month than November. Where there's instability there are storms. Where there are storms there are snow days.

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