Friday, December 21, 2012

Finally, Some White Stuff

The GSD Staff spotted some weird white frozen bits falling out of the sky this evening right around 10:30 pm. Great balls of fire, it was snow! As Joe Castiglione would say, can you believe it?

NOAA slightly missed the mark on this one, as the initial burst of snow for the Northern Berkshires was a forecasted possibility but a low one at that. Regardless, we'll enjoy it while we can as it was great to see a little frozen precip coating the grassy areas and roadways throughout Thursday evening.

Unfortunately, the rain is still going to dominate the weather picture for early Friday into Friday afternoon, and the winds will pick up considerably. All in all, Friday looks pretty miserable. Get indoors and enjoy your time there because the rain, wind, and cold will not be conducive to any outside activities, including shopping (for all those Last-minute Leo's and Larry's out there).

We're still confident we're going to see wrap-around snow once the low pressure system makes its way to the St. Lawrence valley. We may get up to an inch once we change over from the rain, but not much more than that.

After this storm departs, we should be in a quiet period for a few days. There still is a chance of snow showers on Christmas, but then things turn decidedly unsettled in the middle of the week. Computer models are in DATTATOTS mode. A significant snowfall is not out of the question for Wednesday into Thursday. Because temps will be slightly below normal, we're liking all the signs we're seeing for a mid-vacation snow fall. Finally!

Enjoy the last full day of school for a while. We'll update throughout the weekend about the possibility of a measurable mid-week snow. And odds are 50/50 for a snow day on the first day back from vacation. More about that scenario next weekend!

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