Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Storms on the Horizon?

Last weekend the GSD staff confidently claimed there would be no snow days before the New Year. Moaning about a lack of movement with the Pacific low, staffers just didn't see a break in the pattern until Kris Kringle had made his annual sojourn to our area.

Well, not so fast, powder hounds!

The weather models are percolating with good news. Something is definitely afoot for Sunday and Monday. The latest forecast models have colder air in place on Sunday and a low pressure system intensifying and staying along the coast for Monday.

It's much too early to get too jazzed about this forecast, but we're liking the trend.

We also like Accuweather's forecast for the 19th and 20th, which is, respectively, for "snow" and "snow of varying intensity." We haven't seen the phrase "varying intensity" from the Accuweather folks before, but we like it. "Varying intensity" is really a perfect catch-all phrase. Some of the GSD Staff do their jobs with varying intensity. Men engage in Christmas shopping with varying intensity. The Celtics defense is played with varying intensity. Grandpa's gas comes at you with varying intensity. The only things not done with varying intensity appear to be wishing for snow days and watching "Homeland."

So, with varying but increasing intensity, we will monitor the Sunday/Monday situation and the possible Winter solstice storm. Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Believe it and it will be so!

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