Thursday, December 27, 2012

Putting the Wraps on Bianca-Euclid

Pretty good for a vacation storm, isn't it? Enough snow to fire up the snowblower and to break out the sleds and skis, but not so much that you had to herniate yourself shoveling off the walkway or deck. We just need four or five more of these types of storms spaced throughout the winter and it will feel like the good old days again. Let the good times roll!

We'll see light snow and snow showers for the rest of the afternoon and into the night. From our vantage point at the home office, we have about 8" of snow on the ground, and we could tack on a couple of more inches before the storm lifts out of the region.

So, what's next? There was some talk of a substantial storm for the weekend, but that storm is heading out to sea to our south (if it becomes a storm at all). We're still in line for light snow on Saturday in the afternoon, somewhere around 2" with slightly more to our south.

Also in the pipeline is a major drop in temps. The high on Re-Entry Day (Jan. 2) will be 17 or 18 degrees. Fortunately, the deep cold will not stick around for too long. This is good because when it's too cold that means high pressure is over us, and when high pressure is over us, low pressure isn't over us, which means no snow storms. Just to remind you: high pressure bad, low pressure good.

With the warm up to more seasonable temperatures for next weekend, we may see a return to a less stable weather pattern for the week of Jan. 7 but right now no major storms are in sight. That will change, but we're not sure when.

Check out the latest poll (to your right) so we know what to name the next big storm system.

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