Thursday, December 13, 2012

Storm(s) Update for Dec. 17 Through Dec. 19

We're twenty-four hours closer to measurable snow. Hoo-ray!

Here's skinniest skinny you will read on the impending winter weather:

1. Snow most likely moves into the region some time in the evening on Sunday. There's not a lot of moisture associated with the storm (.6 inches over 24 hours) so we'll probably have consistent light snow in that period. The snow could get up to 4" or so but because it will be stretched out over a longish period of time, we're not likely to see a cancellation or delay for Monday. We're not setting this prediction in stone, but we're not feeling as much love for this storm as we are for storm #2.

2. We may have to break out the name "Bianca" for storm 2. As always when we're still five days away from a storm, computer models are in DATTATOTS* mode. Worst case scenario is that storm 2 boogies on out to sea on Tuesday. Best case scenario is that it slows down, hugs the coast, and gives us a snowfall with some hair on it in the order of 6-9 inches. Either way, the timing of the storm (Tuesday afternoon and night) is not favoring school of today. We know that the timing can easily swing 12 hours in either direction.

The latest snow cover prediction map for Dec. 25. Blue=White Christmas. Another good sign about next week!

What's very curious about next week's scenarios are how close (timewise) the two storms are to one another. Usually we see more space between two low pressure systems. But the climate being what it is these days, we should know to expect the unexpected.

*Disagreement about the track and timing of the storm.

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