Monday, December 17, 2012

Tuesday Delay?

The School Street office of GSD alertly recognized that a Winter Weather Advisory has been posted for Northern Berkshire county for tonight through 5 am tomorrow.

Big green blob approaches--it may turn pink.
There was some talk in the NOAA report about sleet and freezing rain extending as far south as the Northern Berkshires tonight, and they obviously feel strong enough about that likelihood to give us the WWA.

Still, GSD is not at all optimistic about a delay for tomorrow for most County schools. There is a remote chance the WWA will get extended through the morning hours (similar to today), but we think there's just too much warm air involved in this wave to give us widespread icing conditions.

Tonight will be very similar to last night but with heavier rain in the morning hours. We will monitor the sleet and freezing rain carefully, but almost all activities tomorrow will proceed as scheduled. You may need an extra few minutes to clean off the car in the am, but that's all you'll need to worry about.

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